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When someone asks me how I (usually) define myself as an artist, I usually tell them I’m a contemporary artist.

But that’s only half the answer.

Because what is the definition of contemporary art?

Simply put: contemporary art is art that is made ‘’now’’. As you can imagine, a lot of art can be defined as contemporary. Let’s delve deeper into its meaning and purpose.


What is contemporary art?

 One thing every artist can agree on is this: contemporary art is art produced today. More accurately, it’s the art produced during the late 20th century and of course, during our current time and age.

Whether that’s a painting, a photograph, an entire installation or even dance (choreography). The reasoning behind the term is the big pluralism movement; the fact that it has gotten increasingly harder to distinguish one art movement from another. However, several movements can be defined. Such as conceptualism, minimalism and  pop art.

That being said: there is no one ‘’-ism’’ that unites or defines the art movement. Every single artist has different values and therefore utilizes very different concepts, subjects and principles.

Some examples of contemporary artists

As I briefly mentioned, contemporary art defines itself as art that is made today. To broaden the sense of the word ‘’today’’: for the most part this art movement complexes around modern issues, ideas and beliefs and socio-cultural phenomenon.

Damien Hirst, Kusama and Basquiat are a few of the more famous contemporary artists. Most artists from this movement create their works through media such as paint, or installation. Their work revolves around certain recurring themes, principles or ideologies.

Contemporary photography art

The photograph as contemporary art seems to be less common. Some well-known influencers in this genre are Malick Sidibe, Katy Grannan and Rink Kawauchi.

As a contemporary art photographer myself, I get inspired by several ideas and principles. Recently, I’ve created multiple photographic series about the discomfort we feel when we have to show who we really are.

This state of freedom – this discharge – is the main protagonist captured in the frame. My fascination with human behaviour led me to this theme, in which I portray the ambiguity of human behaviour. The models I work with are in their turn inspired to truly reveal themselves. The moment they do is the perfect moment for the perfect shot. Registering true vulnerability can be freeing.

The veil between the models’ true self and their assumed identities, is lifted.

arwe art
arwe art

The works of ARWE

Has your curiosity been peaked?

You can view some of my works starring unfolding ambiguity right here.