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What is fine art photography?

It’s a question I get asked a lot. Unsurprisingly so, since art is and always has been a subject of many a perspective.

To answer it plainly, to me, fine art photography is uncompromisingly subtle. Yet has the ability to speak volumes, depending on whom you may ask. Fine art photography conveys the subjective intent and vision of the artist that creates the photo, instead of the objective truth.

A fine art photo is a medium to convey a message. It can be silent, yet loud.

The fine art photo

Therefore a fine art photo is nothing less than the embodied vision of the artist. While commercial photography might display the same surrealism as a fine art photo, we can’t call commercial photography fine art photography.

A fine art photo differs from a normal ‘’artistic’’ photograph in the sense that the former is quite premeditated. It revolves around the subjective intent of the creating artist and not only that which is presented on the photograph.

The same goes for photojournalism. The end results are often too different, since the concepts come from different visions and different places.


But what truly constitutes a fine art photo?

I believe the fundament lies in the artist’s vision. That is to say: there needs be a clear vision of what the photograph should be, show and tell, and how to achieve that vision. Fine art photography is always about an emotion, idea or message. The message of the artist.

The artist’s vision

The beauty of a message is: it can be anything. It can be a poem, a short story, or even an entire novel. But it can also be a word.

As a fine art photographer, the best way to convey my message is not one photograph, but a serie . An entire series revolving around one underlying theme, ensures the message cannot be misunderstood. Consistency is a great aid in showing similarities between works. And thus a great tool to truly envision one’s intent.

The themes of Arwe

My theme is UNFOLDING AMBIGUITY. I am driven to test the discomfort we face when we (have to) show who we really are, My images pioneer storylines that lead to a discharge, a state of freedom.

My fascination with human behavior and my passion for the arts have merged into my creative vision, utilizing the mise en scene as his palet and the ambiguity of human behavior as his voice. I work closely with my subjects, and I will be searching for the moment when they are ready to shed their projected self-images and show who they really are.

At this moment of release, I register their true vulnerability and openness. In order to reach this state of release and freedom, I get them out of their comfort zones, causing a conflict between the subjects’ assumed identities and their true self.

A process providing a continuous flow of unexpected and beautiful perspectives to capture.

arwe art
arwe art

Fine art portrait photography

Over the years, there have been quite a few times where I’ve committed myself (and my camera) to fine art portrait photography. A vital distinction between fine art portrait photography and ordinary or traditional photography, is that the fine art photo is not commercial. It is not made for commission, nor is it made to fund a studio.

The fine art portrait is created as a form of self-expression and personal discovery. Both for the artist, as for the portrayed.

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