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Nude photography art and unfolding ambiguity

Driven to register that which lifts the veil between our assumed identity and true liberty, I embarked on a journey as an art photographer. It didn’t take long to figure out that it was paramount to assert my focus on nude photography art in order to achieve that goal.

True self requires one to shed the perceived identity. Which can be difficult, but releasing. The discomfort we face when we have to show who we really, truly are? That’s my holy grail; the one item I’m driven to capture on film. It’s not always easy, but registering true vulnerability can be extremely rewarding.

On this page you’ll find my take on nude photography art: an invaluable art form which is the perfect medium for dissecting the constructed image of oneself.

The nude art photo

Nude photography art can be many things. As ARWE, I have the intention to show the models’ true selves. Which can be a release for the portrayed. That moment of release; that is the one I attempt to capture on film.

Nude photography art does, in a lot of cases, revolve around some form of erotic interest. This is often a secondary incentive however. At the centre of a nude art photo lies that which is most important – that which makes the entire photograph the artform that it is. This centre is formed primarily by the portrayed form, emotion, aesthetic and composition.

As any other form of fine art photography, the nude art photo does not serve any practical purpose (such as advertising or journalism). In its pure form, it is a vessel to envision an artist’s ideas, principles and themes.  

Unfolding ambiguity

Most of my nude photography art works are sophisticated, instead of simple. Ambiguous, instead of direct. While working (closely) with my subjects, I search for the moment they lift the veil; their façade; showing who they truly are. At this moment of release, I register their true vulnerability and openness.

This process leads to beautiful nude art series. The results are stunning and of stupendous beauty. I may be biased, because of my deep admiration for the subjects that portray themselves so open, so vividly. But to capture on film that moment of self-reveal; is one of the primary reasons I became the artist I am today.  

arwe art
arwe art

Nude photography art modelling

To test my luck, I’ve found many a model willing to pose for a nude art photo. But it’s always a good thing to see new people, new ideas and ideals and new models.

If you’re interested in becoming a nude art model for one of my series, I refer you to this page.