15 June 2018 – 30 June 2018
International Photography Exhibition
Es. Arte Gallery, Marbella,

Art Gallery, the contemporary art gallery in Marbella, in its concern for the environment and its struggle for awareness and change, wants to celebrate its first anniversary with a call of conscience, Land of Hunger, on June 28 2018

The exhibition brings together works with a common message: The struggle for awareness. A proposal to raise awareness about the land we inhabit. A catalyst for change, a call to action and awareness through a sample of art that crosses the limits of the visual and enters into our interior to convey its urgent message.

A total of 17 national and international artists come together to address the global problems of today and create an approach between the current and future generation, questioning humanitarian values ​​and proposing a meditation on the society we are building.



March 2017
Whanganui – Solo exhibition
Gallery 1885, London,
United Kingdom

Started from the sculptor Czong Ho Kim’s studio in 1994, Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (CICA) became a unique cultural space founded and cultivated by artists. Not only CICA fosters projects of experimental artists, we are open for everyone to learn about Contemporary Art and apply it to one’s life. We aim to provide a creative, yet comfortable space for artists and the community to nurture their creative and critical thinking with visual culture while they communicate with each other.

CICA Museum has a collection of Czong Ho Kim’s sculptures, paintings, and architecture, as well as many renowned international artists’ works. For special exhibitions, we exhibit Contemporary Art pieces including painting, sculpture, and new media art. CICA also offers education and public programs for the cultural development of local communities.



March 2017
Whanganui – Solo exhibition
Gallery 1885, London,
United Kingdom

The Camera Club was founded in 1885 when the editor of Amateur Photographer magazine, J Harris Stone, called together the most prominent photographers of that time, to create a group that aimed at being “A Social, Scientific and Artistic Centre for Amateur Photographers and others interested in Art and Science.” A subscription paid for the rent of premises on Bedford Street near The Strand, where the club established nine model darkrooms.



04 October 2018 – 07 October 2018
The Other Art Fair 2018
Victoria House, London,
United Kingdom

The Other Art Fair, the leading artist fair for art lovers to meet and buy direct from the very best emerging and undiscovered artists.

With fairs across the globe in the UK and Australia, each edition of The Other Art Fair showcases work by a selection of talented artists handpicked by a committee of art industry experts.

Celebrated for its unique visitor experience, The Other Art Fair inspires and delights with a tightly curated and distinctive programme of immersive fair features that create a platform for the ‘unexpected’ at each fair.



09 June 2018 – 22 July 2018
International Photography Exhibition
H Gallery, California,
United States

Exhibition Communiqué : As the world becomes more and more chaotic, we retreat further and further into ourselves. A high-speed, stressful life is what’s expected of us, so at times we withdraw from the world as a means of protection.

We create a cocoon around our emotions as they grow ever more fragile. Even when we are passing through the world, our shields are up, separating us from the people around us. In Arwe’s series ‘Through the Second Skin’ this barrier becomes tangible.

The models are nude, more exposed than ever, but by being provided with fabric with which to wrap themselves in, they can feel free and safe to be truly themselves.